No more future waves of COVID-19

The virus has been fought for over half a year now. While at the beginning the right response was hotly debated, we have learned some things in the meantime. Here are some of the key lessons and how to apply them.Although more than 31 million people have been infected with the virus and more than 970.000 have lost their lives to the pandemic, the early projections of mortality were much worse. The ability of people to learn and change behaviors as well as the global public-health response has saved millions of lives with the result that the fear of millions of deaths by June 2020 has proven wrong. And now […]

An economic outlook on a time after COVID-19

It is crucial to understand the economic damage the Corona Virus has caused and to comprehend its effect on both the businesses and the affected people to reimagine a future after the pandemic. Statistics show that people who have already been economically vulnerable, such as low-income families, less-educated workers, and people of color, are most impacted by the economic change and are likely not going to withstand the disruption. In addition to that, especially small, middle-sized, and young businesses are at highest risk of failing however, those are also the companies that expedite the employment growth the most. By implication an economic failure of those businesses would result in an […]

Increased liability risks for companies

Liability experts of the industrial insurer AGCS suspect an increased liability risk for companies. They refer to figures from both the USA and Germany and find that the average settlement sum of the 50 largest US courts has almost doubled between 2014 and 2018 and that plaintiffs against companies are being awarded higher compensation sums. The high number of production recalls is particularly striking. In 2019, the highest figure of the decade was recorded, with 475 recalls within the EU in the automotive industry alone. The increasing concentration in the industry is a problem, he said. According to AGCS, the Japanese airbag manufacturer Tataka, for example, supplies 19 car manufacturers, […]

Martin Winterkorn accused of market manipulation

Former VW CEO Martin Winterkorn must now answer to the Braunschweig Regional Court on suspicion of market manipulation as a result of the emissions scandal. He is accused of deliberately not having informed the capital market in time about an increased financial risk through claims for damages and penalties. He himself is said to have known at an early stage about the installation of inadmissible cut-off devices in diesel engines. The software manipulation only became known when the “Notice of Violation” was published by American authorities. According to the German Securities Trading Act, Mr. Winterkorn did not meet his obligation to make an “ad hoc announcement” in time, as this […]

Meaningful certificate required for exemption from the mask obligation

It is common knowledge that wearing masks can be very unpleasant. However, this is not yet a reason to be exempt from a predominant obligation to wear masks. The Higher Administrative Court of North Rhine-Westphalia in Münster ruled that a medical certificate must be presented that explicitly states the health impairments that can occur in the person concerned. In school buildings and on school property, the Corona Care Ordinance stipulates that masks must be worn. It may only be neglected at one’s own seat in the classroom and during breaks to take meals. In individual cases, the school management may decide on an exemption from the obligation to wear masks, […]

How the virus affects German employment relationships and what rights and obligations result from it

For months, people all over the world have been struggling with the effects of the novel corona virus. But not only in the health care systems much had to change, the pandemic has also raised many questions in and around the workplace. What obligations must employers now fulfill and what can be demanded of the state and authorities? Not only to avoid a plant closure is the obligation to take protective measures necessary, no, it’s also based on legal foundations. (§ 618 para. 1 BGB, § 3 ArbSchG) This initially includes a comprehensive clarification about possible risks of infection and correct hygienic behavior, but also implies the independent provision of […]

What does the Infection Protection Act say?

The Infection Protection Act (IfSG), which came into force in 2001, defines notifiable diseases and suspected cases and regulates the legal measures that may be taken in the context of an epidemic. In March and May 2020, in the course of the corona pandemic, it was supplemented by further ordinances or existing paragraphs were amended. As a result, the horizon of action of authorities and countries was concretized and supplemented. The IfSG stipulates an obligation to report illnesses, which must be done by treating physicians and to which any contact data such as the patient’s name, address and gender must be submitted. According to §16 IfSG and §25 IfSG, these […]

The most important facts about the Corona interim aids

To ensure that all companies and every self-employed person comes through the crisis well and does not suffer from a great economic crisis, the German government has decided to provide stopgap assistance in the form of financial grants. The application period for this has now been extended once again from 31.08.2020 to 30.09.2020 and lawyers are now also entitled to apply for the aid themselves as well as for third parties. However, the liquidity support must be taken into account for tax purposes when calculating profits. Nevertheless, not every group is entitled to apply for such assistance, this is only who does NOT meet the conditions for the economic stabilization […]