Lawyer Marc H. Dieluweit
Waldstraße 11
42659 Solingen

Tel.: +49 (0) 212 – 244 379 6
Fax: +49 (0) 212 – 244 393 8

E-Mail: info@dieluweit.com
Internet: www.dieluweit.com

Job titles: Rechtsanwalt

Marc H. Dieluweit, German Attorney-at-Law, is admitted in the Federal Republic of Germany. He is subject to supervision by the Düsseldorf Bar Association: http://www.rechtsanwaltskammer-duesseldorf.de

Professional regulations: https://www.brak.de/fuer-anwaelte/berufsrecht/

professional indemnity insurance
Professional liability insurance with geographical coverage in Germany and other European countries is taken out through HDI Gerling Firmen und Privat Versicherung AG, Heilbronner Straße 158,70191 Stuttgart.


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