Mergers & Acquisitions in India – we are on board

Marc Dieluweit attends the conference:
Mergers and Acquisitions in India:
New opportunities and challenges in a dynamic India, Mumbai, India (March, 9-10,2018)

Marc will once again attend the conference about M&A in India which will bring together some of the world’s leading lawyers, bankers and legal practitioners to examine the past, present and future of the M&A market in India and identify opportunities and potential issues for those wanting to do business in the region.

Topics include:

• Modi at ‘4’: eyes on 2019

• Governance, stewardship and activism

• The new Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code in India

• M&A deals in new (hot) industries economy (fintech, e-commerce, defence etc.)

• Exit strategies – the ultimate goal

• Merger control: hits and misses in India

• Structuring Issues pertaining to cross-border M&A deals

• Risk mitigation – bulletproofing deals and learning lessons from the litigation battlefield

• Roundtable: General Counsel’s Forum – current issues facing GCs of major Indian companies

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