New infrastructure projects in the Lebanon

Marc Dieluweit attends the
Lebanon Investment in Infrastructure Meeting on March 6, 2018 in Beirut, Lebanon

Marc will attend the meeting about Lebanon Investment in Infrastructure as it is an important milestone for Lebanon’s development and economic revival drive, as it will pave the way for economic recovery and will help Lebanon regain its economic and financial position in the region. The importance of the conference is based on the following topics:

1. The Capital Investment Program, the biggest investment program Lebanon has ever witnessed (in the range of 16 billion USD over 10 years), is expected to be supported by the international community during the “CEDRE” conference that is planned to be held in April 2018.

2. More than 40% of the projects in the Capital Investment Program are expected to be funded through private investments, which is a major step towards bolstering partnership between the private and the public sectors, especially after enacting the Public-Private Partnership law.

3. The expected modernization of the infrastructure will be accompanied by the launch of the oil and gas exploration process in the Lebanese territorial waters; a development that will positively impact investment and economic growth in the coming years.

4. The planned large investments to develop the energy, water, transport, telecommunication, wastewater and solid waste sectors, coupled with reforms, will make the investment environment in Lebanon more efficient and transparent which will contribute to further investments.

The Capital Investment Program represents a great opportunity to improve the outlook of the Lebanese economy and mobilize private investments, as well as create job opportunities and raise growth levels. It will also enhance the economy’s competitiveness and stimulate the trade and export routes between Lebanon and the neighboring markets.

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